How to Smart Plan your Wedding in Spain

Doing it yourself means painstakingly searching for venues and vendors, contacting them, negotiating prices, figuring out the timeline,
and trying to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

This can be very time-consuming and stressful, especially if you're getting married in another country, and you don't speak the local language.

Hiring a professional wedding planner can be very expensive.

Planning your dream wedding in Spain can be daunting.

Yes, now there is, and it's called

So is there no other solution ?

The Smart Online Wedding Planner !

or S.O.W.P for short ( pronounced 'Soap' )

How to Smart plan your wedding in Spain in 10 steps !

Step 1 : What is your budget ?

It's not the most romantic question, but an important one to start with.

Our free online wedding budget calculator helps you determine the minimum budget required for your estimated number of persons.

When you know the minimum required budget, you'll also know if you can afford a more expensive venue, caterer, photography package etc ...

As you can see in the image, there are 4 seasons,
and the difference between the cheapest season (Free)
and the most expensive season (High) can be thousands of euros.

The rental cost of the venue, but also the price of the catering, photographers, etc can be very different.

Step 2 : Choose a date and day of the week according to your budget

Fortunately, we can also help you to do just that. We've carefully selected the 20+ venues of the Costa Blanca ; beach, seafront, castle, monastery, garden and chill out lounge venues with great service and price.

Our free online wedding venue calculator ( soon to be launched ) estimates the total cost of your wedding, for your estimated number of guests, in low, mid and high season for each of our 20+ venues.

It also links to a photo gallery of the weddings we've done in each of them, so you can imagine what a wedding there looks like.

This helps you choose the perfect venue for your dream wedding in Spain.

Step 3 : choose the venue for your dream wedding ánd budget?

Our Smart Online Wedding Planner (SOWP pronounced 'Soap' )
will soon be launched, and makes it really easy to plan your dream wedding in Spain, without paying for a wedding planner !

You only pay a one-time-license of 299 € and it gives you access to 500+ services for which we've negotiated special deals with venues, caterers, photographers, musicians, decorators, etc...

Step 4 : subscribe to our Smart Online Wedding Planner

Get started with a free video call with a professional wedding planner
to answer your questions, choose the best venue for your wedding, etc...

He'll listen to your ideas and preferences, recommend the best venue(s) based on them, and explains how SOWP works during a free video call.

Now you have a full month to book your wedding date and venue.
Once you do, you SOWP license is automatically prolonged until one month after your wedding. ( which allows you to download the photos).

Step 5 : Get started with a video call with a Wedding Planner

Step 6 : tailor your plan to your needs

From now on, until 7 weeks before the wedding you can fully tailor your wedding to your wishes and preferences based on the detailed description, price and a photo gallery link for each of the 500 services for which we've negotiated special deals with caterers, decorators, photographers, officiants, musicians, DJs, bars, etc...

Start by choosing one of the 20+ venues we have, or book a venue that allows our catering by yourself. Then add catering, photographer, musicians, etc...

Book the services you want, and wait for the related vendor to confirm.

Now it's time to personalize the text on the welcome page in SOWP,
where you inform your guests about your wedding with vital information such as where and when, how to get there, where to stay, rental car info, addresses of beauty salons, etc.

Fortunately, we provide most of that information in our sample text.
Then it's up to you to make the text personal to your wedding.

When done, start to create your guest list, and send invitation emails via SOWP.

Your guests can login, read the info in your welcome text, submit and food intolerance's they may have, request speeches, ... and RSVP.

Step 7 : create your guest list & send invitations

You always start with our 'Smart Online Wedding Planner' service, which includes 2 video calls ; one to get started, and one to close the planning.

You can book additional video calls of 1.5 hours each at extra cost.
You can book as few or as many as you want.
You're not paying for any wedding planner unless you want to.

If that works for you, great. If not, you can upgrade at any time to
our bespoke full wedding planner service, which also allows you to book wedding day coordination

Step 8 : Get the level of help and advise you want.

Approximately 7 weeks before the wedding, you'll have another video call with your professional wedding planner.

During this call together with you we'll review your plan, check for any faults in the timeline, etc...

After the call, we close the planning, meaning that from then on you can still enter in the SOWP, but you can't change anything anymore.

Let the countdown to an amazing wedding in Spain start !

Step 9 : Finalize the planning during a video call

Step 10 : Your dream wedding in Spain

After months of planning, your wedding day has finally arrived !

With the detailed planning in the SOWP, reviewed during the closing video call with a professional wedding planner, everything will go exactly as planned.

And if you've chosen a wedding planner service that allows wedding day coordination, a professional coordinator will make sure that everything indeed goes as planned.

Example of a wedding setting in a stunning monastery venue
Example of a wedding setting in a stunning monastery venue

Choose the Costa Blanca as your dream wedding destination

Nestled along the sun-kissed shores of the Mediterranean, Spain boasts a rich tapestry of culture, history, and romance, making it an enchanting destination for couples seeking to tie the knot amidst unparalleled beauty.

Picture-perfect landscapes, charming architecture, and warm hospitality set the stage for unforgettable weddings in Spain.

From the Pitoresk streets of Altea to the beaches of the Costa Blanca, weddings in Spain offer an array of breathtaking backdrops.
Whether you dream of exchanging vows against the backdrop of a historic castle, amid the fragrant blooms of a lush garden,
or with the golden sands of a pristine beach beneath your feet, the possibilities are endless.

Plan your marriage without stress

Our online wedding planner system is designed to transform your vision of the perfect wedding into a spectacular reality.
With a one-time license fee of 299 €, couples can access an easy-to-use platform to tailor every aspect of their special day to their unique preferences.

Imagine crafting your ideal Spain wedding package easily, selecting from a selection of venues, catering, décoration, and so much more.
With weddings in Spain packages customizable to suit your tastes and budget, you can create a celebration that reflects your love story in every detail.

From very intimate to grand and luxurious, our team of experienced wedding planners in Spain is dedicated to bringing your dreams to life.
From coordination, logistics, vendor orders, and more, we handle every aspect of wedding planning in Spain with professionalism and expertise.
This allows you to relax and savour every moment of your journey to "I do."

Whether you've always dreamed of a romantic beach wedding in Spain or envision saying your vows amidst the rustic charm of a monastery, our wedding planner system empowers you to make your dreams a reality.

Get help from your personal event planner.

With our online wedding planner system and unwavering support, getting married in Spain becomes a seamless and joyful experience, filled with memories to last a lifetime.

Start to plan your marriage

So, why wait? Embark on your journey to wedded bliss in the enchanting land of Spain, where love knows no bounds and dreams come true.
Let us be your guide as you step into the next chapter of your love story, hand in hand, amid the splendour of weddings in Spain.

More info about our online wedding planner system

Creating your dream wedding in Spain has never been more attainable, thanks to our extensive selection of over 500 services designed to cater to your every need and desire.

With more than 20 stunning venues in the Costa Blanca, 7 enchanting themes, and a vast array of decorative elements at your disposal, the possibilities for crafting the perfect celebration are virtually limitless.

Whatever your vision, we offer a diverse range of wedding settings to suit every taste and style, from simple and elegant to opulent and extravagant.

Enhance the beauty of your chosen venue with our selection of decorative elements, including 5 types of arches and 3 types of gazebos, each meticulously designed to add a touch of romance and sophistication to your special day. Whether you prefer classic florals, modern minimalism, or bohemian chic, our team will work with you to bring your vision to life with precision and flair.

When it comes to capturing the magic of your wedding day, we partner with an award-winning agency of professional photographers and videographers renowned for their exceptional talent and artistry. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from a wide range of options to customize your photo and video experience. Our photographers and videographers are dedicated to ensuring that every moment of your wedding day is beautifully preserved for years to come, whether you prefer a single photographer to capture the intimacy of the day or a dynamic team to document every detail from multiple angles.

But our commitment to excellence doesn't end there.

Each of our wedding venues offers its own catering services, with menu choices listed in the venue description to help you plan the perfect culinary experience for you and your guests. From gourmet delicacies to traditional Spanish cuisine, our talented chefs are committed to creating a dining experience that delights the senses and exceeds expectations.

And because every detail matters, we also offer a wide range of options for bar service, dance parties, and even tables, chairs, and tableware to ensure that every aspect of your wedding day is thoughtfully curated and impeccably executed.

We understand that your wedding day is one of the most important moments of your life, and we are dedicated to helping you create a celebration that is as unique and unforgettable as your love story.

With our extensive selection of services and personalized approach to wedding planning in Spain, we make it easy to turn your dreams into reality and create memories that will last a lifetime.